Wildlife Web Ecology Strategy Game

Eat – Mate – Reproduce – Avoid Being Eaten

Can you forage or hunt for food, find a mate, and raise your young… without becoming someone else’s lunch? Welcome to Wildlife Web, a game where you participate in the web of life. Wildlife Web is an exciting, dynamic game of strategy where adventure, luck, and cunning provide hours of fun for family and friends, recommended for ages 9 to 99. Do you want to be a mountain lion, deer, or elk? This surprisingly realistic game enables players to experience life as any of 50 different animals, and each animal has a mate.

Fifty random Event Cards introduce everything from hailstorms to bird alarms that can help or hinder your quest for survival. Just like in real life, a highway runs through the game, forming a deathtrap for some species and an opportunity to scavenge for others. A Day/Night card alternates play between diurnal and nocturnal animals so your bat is safe during the day while your hawk can go hunting. With thousands of potential interactions and many uncontrolled factors, the game is never the same… except that you will have fun every time!

2 to 6 players, ages 9 – 99