Wildflowers of the Atlantic Southeast describes and illustrates 1,250 species commonly encountered in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Washington D.C., North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. This comprehensive guide includes perennials, annuals, and bulbs, both native and naturalized. The book is organized by flower color and includes white, yellow, red, blue, orange, green, and brown flowers. Introductory information includes an explanation of the key plant parts and information on plant names. Species profiles include color photographs and range maps. Wildflowers of the Atlantic Southeast is for hikers, naturalists, gardeners, and anyone wishing to learn more about the region’s diverse flora.

Our new favorite wildflower guide for our area, Wildflowers of the Atlantic Southeast offers something for every level of expertise. Beginners will enjoy that the plants are organized by flower color. Those wishing to delve deeper can use the Key to Wildflowers, where one starts with flower color and then follows the plant’s characteristics of flower type (symmetry, number of petals) and leaf type, which will lead to the correct page in the book. This system is reminiscent of the popular Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide, which has been in use since the late 1970’s. Serious botany students will enjoy that the primary name for each plant is given as the Latin or “scientific name,” plus the family, with a common name given below. Color-coded range maps show at a glance where each plant is native, introduced, uncommon, or absent.  A thorough introductory section gives succinct information on plant ecology, and a description of common plant communities in the region.

Flexibound, 512 pages, 6 x 8.5″, full-color photographs