For a society enthralled by courtroom drama, forensics, and natural disasters, Weather in the Courtroom: Memoirs from a Career in Forensic Meteorology is a perfect storm: an exciting inside scoop on legendary court cases where the weather may—or may not—have played a crucial role. Were the disappearance of an Alaskan congressman’s plane in 1972, the collapse of Tampa Bay’s Skyway Bridge in 1980, and the crash of Delta Flight 191 in Dallas/Fort Worth in 1985 natural or human-caused disasters? William H. Haggard recounts both the meteorological facts and human stories of high-profile cases for which he served as an expert witness, revealing just how critical the interpretation of weather and climate data in the courtroom is to our understanding of what happened—and who, if anyone, is at fault.

Softcover, 201 pages, 6 x 9″.