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The Appalachian Trail Game Special Edition

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The Appalachian Trail Game Special Edition


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In The Appalachian Trail Game Special Edition, players test their knowledge of backpacking and camping skills, plant and animal identification, trail first aid and AT trivia as they make the 22OO mile trek from Georgia to Maine. Experience a unique journey every time you play! Luck of the draw presents hikers with opportunities to race ahead, visit A.T. Communities or encounter obstacles that slow their pace. Move along the Appalachian Trail, successfully answering questions, but watch out! There can be obstacles like broken gear , blisters, or a band of skunks who steal your food! Draw a Zero day card and take time to stop and smell the wildflowers, or enhance your Trail Karma by helping a trail crew or an injured hiker. Being prepared with the right gear can help keep you on the trail and help to mitigate emergencies and unexpected weather conditions.

The Special Edition game is compatible with the original game (now referred to as the Backpacking Edition), but is better suited for the kitchen table! The new game includes a hard-back table top game board and a set of 4 game pieces. The Special Edition has 2OO cards, including all new Challenge cards, 5O Chance cards, including 8 Zero Day cards and 5 Trail Karma cards, 2O gear cards and 1 thru hike card.


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