The revised edition of Snakes of the Southeast includes new photos, the latest research findings, new species discoveries, and the most current geographic range maps. Clearly written, cleanly designed, and fun to use, this guide promotes a better understanding of the conservation of this fascinating but often maligned group of animals.

“Easy to read . . . An informative book for the general public aimed at educating those with a limited knowledge of snakes.”—Southeastern Naturalist

Fifty-three kinds of snakes can be found in the Southeast, almost half of all species native to North America. Filled with more than 300 color photographs and written by two renowned herpetologists, this new edition is the most comprehensive authoritative guide to the snakes of the region.

At the heart of the book are its heavily illustrated, fact-filled descriptions of each snake species. Also included is a wealth of general information about the importance of snake conservation and the biology, diversity, habitats, and ecology of snakes. Find useful information about the interactions of humans and snakes: species that are likely to be found near houses, snakes as pets, what to do in case of a snakebite, and more.


• Conservation-oriented approach
• Over 300 color photographs, including many new images for this edition
• New distribution maps for 53 species of snakes
• New accounts of invasive snakes of the Southeast
• Clear descriptions of each species, including differences in the appearance of young and mature snakes
• Size charts, key identifiers (scales, body shape, patterns, and color), descriptions of habitat, behavior and activity, food and feeding, reproduction, predators and defense, and conservation

About the authors:

Whit Gibbons is a professor emeritus of ecology at the University of Georgia and the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory. He is the author of Keeping All the Pieces (Georgia). Dorcas and Gibbons are coauthors of Frogs and Toads of the Southeast (Georgia).

Mike Dorcas, a professor of biology at Davidson College, is author of A Guide to the Snakes of North Carolina and coauthor of Invasive Pythons in the United States (with John D. Willson).

280 pages, 7 7/8 x 10 1/4
full-color photographs