The Smithsonian Handbook of Insects, Spiders, and Other Terrestrial Arthropods is packed with photographs and illustrations of more than 550 insects and other arthropods. It is designed to cut through the process of identification, enabling you to recognize insects easily.

Photo–Encyclopedic Approach: Focusing on over 300 of the main insect families, this handbook tackles the incredible diversity of this class. All 29 orders of insect are examined, as well as a representative selection of spiders and other terrestrial arthropods from around the world.

Identification Made Easy: Written for beginners and enthusiasts alike, each entry combines a concise description with annotated photographs and illustrations to highlight the insect’s chief characteristics, including physical features, life cycle, habitat, and larval stages. In addition, there is an explanation of what an insect is and a practical photographic identification key to the main insect groups, which guides the reader to the correct entries.

Flexibound, 256 pages, 5 7/8 x 8 1/2, full-color photographs, full-color illustrations.