InĀ Potluck, “Message Delivered: The Great Smoky Mountains are Saved!” learn a fascinating story about Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

In 1929, newspapermen from North Carolina and Tennessee hiked from opposite sides of Clingmans Dome, the highest mountain in the Great Smokies, for an important celebration. Although the country was entering the Great Depression, citizens from both states raised enough money to help create a new national park. J.R. Horne loaned his homing pigeon, Potluck, for the expedition. After the journalists shook hands across the stateline on Clingmans Dome, they released Potluck to carry their goodwill message home. Both states had come together in a spirit of friendship to protect their precious forests.

Inspired by true events, Marci Spencer records Potluck’s historic flight announcing the good news to waiting crowds: “The Great Smoky Mountains are Saved!” Marci Spencer is a retired nurse practitioner. As a certified NC Environmental Educator, she offers presentations in natural history for classrooms and community events. Raising ceremonial white doves (homing pigeons) to release at special events is a favorite hobby.

Marci is author of Clingmans Dome: Highest Mountain in the Great Smokies and Pisgah National Forest: A History, both published by History Press. Tim Worsham, son of the author, is a free-lance artist who provided the pen-and-ink illustrations for the 2013 History Press publication of Clingmans Dome and the 2014 publication of Pisgah National Forest. He has contributed illustrations for educational brochures and other literature. Tim has a degree in Criminal Justice. He lives in Hendersonville, North Carolina, with his wife and three children: Shelby, Lydia and Michael.

Hardcover; 56 pages