Called a milestone in insect photography and simply bigger, prettier and more comprehensive than any previous publication on insects, Professor Stephen Marshall’s Insects: Their Natural History and Diversity 2nd edition is now new, with more than 500 changes to reflect the latest scientific findings since it was first published in 2007. It is a comprehensive reference on insects featuring an easy identification guide using 28 picture keys, 4000 colour photographs taken in the field (not pinned specimens), expert advice on observing insects, and more. This wonderful book enables readers and starting entomologists to identify most insects quickly and accurately. More than 50 pages of picture keys lead to appropriate chapters and specific photos, to confirm identification. The keys are surprisingly comprehensive and easy for non-specialists to use. Features include:

  • Detailed chapters covering insect orders and insect families
  • A brief examination of common families of related terrestrial arthoropods
  • 4000+ colour photographs showing typical behaviors and key characteristics
  • 28 picture keys for quick and accurate insect identification
  • Three indexes – common family names, photographs, general index
  • Expert guidance on observing, collecting and photographing insects
  • New remarks on declining habitat and threats to biodiversity.

This book has been widely and thoroughly praised. It is now ready for a new generation of new and lifetime students of entomology.

Hardcover, 735 pages, 8¾ x 11¼, full color photographs.