Handbook of Nature Study:

“A matchless handbook for decades, this classic has been the natural history bible for countless teachers and others who seek information about their natural environment…

Nature-study, as used in this handbook, encompasses all living things except humans, as well as all nonliving things such as rocks and minerals, the heavens, and weather. Of the living things described, most are common in the northeastern states…. Missing from the book are only the plants and animals indigenous to the sea; this is a book about land organisms– the one most of us see every day. The reissue of Comstock’s [book] is most welcome. You need only open its covers and turn to almost any page to be lost in an adventure with nature– the nature that is closest to you and an adventure that is as interesting as a safari to wildest Africa.”
–Verne N. Rockcastle, from the Forward.

Softcover, 912 pages, 6 x 9 ΒΌ, b&w illustrations.