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Celestron Cosmos LCD Digital Microscope

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Celestron Cosmos LCD Digital Microscope


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Celestron Cosmos LCD Digital Microscope

Get up close with your imagination: observe new levels of sharp detail with the professional-level COSMOS 5 MP LCD Desktop Digital Microscope! Inspired by COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey, this innovative low-power LCD digital microscope zeroes in on subjects with its high-resolution 5MP sensor at 4X to160X magnification.

With an a 3.5” TFT LCD screen, onboard software, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and Micro SD card slot, you can enjoy up to 2 hours observing and capturing images in the field. It’s also lightweight and easy to carry for grab-and-go convenience. The microscope comes with a 2 GB Micro SD card pre-loaded with sample specimen images, and plenty of room to save hundreds more.

Back in the classroom or lab, view specimens on the onboard LCD screen or an external monitor. Depending on your screen size, you can achieve up to 200x magnification for up-close viewing of traditional slides or 3D specimens like stamps, coins, gems, circuit boards, and more. Easily connect to your computer with the included USB 2.0 cable and included Portable Capture Pro software.

Save still images or 30 fps video of all your discoveries, and even measure specimens using the software. Great for entomology, industrial quality control and inspection, medicine, scientific research, and forensics.

The COSMOS 5 MP LCD Desktop Digital Microscope also comes with step-by-step instructions two exciting experiments to help you identify strange life forms hidden in your own backyard!


USB Cable 2.0
AC Adapter
TV out/AV cable
Celestron Portable Capture Pro Software CD with measurement feature
Calibration Ruler
Lithium Ion battery for field use


Imaging Sensor 5.0 MP CMOS, 10x magnification in lieu of eyepiece
Software Compatibility Windows XP or better, Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7
AC Adapter Input universal 100 to 240 volt, 50/60 Hz
USB Connection 2
Magnification (low power) 4 with LCD, 20 with computer x
Magnification (high power) 160 with LCD, 200 with computer x
Continuous Video (VGA) Yes, 30 fps
Batteries 1050 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion, 2 hours continuous use
Objective Lense Diameter 5-element IR cut, high quality glass lens
Illumination 8 adjustable white LEDs in ring configuration
Stage Fully adjustable with metal clips
Dimensions 149 mm x 104 mm x 227 mm (5.8 in x 4.1 in x 8.9 in)
Weight 56 oz, 1600 g
LCD Screen 3.5 in (90 mm) TFT LCD with 4x digital zoom, 4
Screen Resolution 320 x 240 pixels


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