Caterpillars in the Field and Garden is a must-have for gardeners and naturalists alike.

Jeffrey Glassberg’s acclaimed Butterflies through Binoculars guides have revolutionized the way we view butterflies. Now there’s a field guide in the same practical format that focuses on caterpillars. The first and only comprehensive guide to these creatures, it contains all the information necessary to find and identify the butterfly caterpillars of North America, from two-tailed swallowtails, some of the largest butterfly caterpillars at just over two inches when fully grown, to tiny western pygmy-blues. There is information on where and how to find particular caterpillar species, and the visual differences between young and older individuals. Gardeners will learn how to distinguish between the caterpillar that may one day become a beautiful butterfly and the moth larvae that will destroy garden plants. The guide also contains a special section on butterfly gardening, offering valuable information on how to set up a butterfly garden and raise healthy butterfly caterpillars, and provides a thorough list of the plants on which butterflies most like to feast.

232 pages, soft cover, over 900 color photographs, range maps, 5½ x 8¼.