Brunton ADC Summit goes where you go, calculating things like wind speed, barometric pressure and temperature. No matter the conditions, the Atmospheric Data Center (ADC) gives you the stats when you need them most. Completely waterproof and extremely durable, it’s a marvel of modern technology.  And because the ADC Summit is completely waterproof it can even be used to check water flow. It’s your personal, pocket-sized weather report.

Waterproof / submersible
Current temperature
Current wind speed
Maximum wind speed
Average wind speed
Wind speed alarm
Wind chill
Minimum wind chill
Wind chill alarm
Current water speed
12/24 hour clock
Time, day and date
Race/countdown timer
2 Year warranty
Current barometric pressure
Past 24 hour pressure graph
Prediction for 12 hour’s weather
Storm alarm
Current altitude (ft,m)
Maximum altitude (ft, m)
Altitude alarm
Ski run counter
IR data communication
Manual and automatic data logging

Waterproof and submersible. Includes adjustable neckstrap with quick-release clip, and extra battery. Dimensions 4.25 x 2 inches.