BATchelor Pad Bat Box

Bats are a valuable and fascinating part of our natural heritage. They provide a beneficial service by foraging on flying insects, many of which are pests. A single bat can eat hundreds of mosquitoes in one hour! They also eat large numbers of moths and beetles that cause agricultural damage.

Roosting boxes are an excellent way to provide much needed habitat for several species of bats. Historically, caves and large dead trees with slabs of loose bark and hollowed centers provided shelter for roosting. Today, large snags are in short supply so bats are sometimes choosing to roost in buildings or homes.

This BATchelor pad houses up to 30 bats in a single chamber. Features include a large screened landing pad, roughened interior surface and an echolocation slot. Designed for cooler locations preferred by solitary males, but also suitable for a small nursing colony.

20″h x 10″w x 3″d.