A Search for Safe Passage

Animals in the Great Smoky Mountains embark on a dangerous journey of survival in this educational adventure book for ages 7-13 about the places where wildlife must cross roads. This compelling, accessible narrative is perfect for introducing readers to the problems and solutions around the global issue of roadway ecology, animal migration, and the ‘barrier effect.’

Best friends Bear and Deer grew up on the North side of a beautiful Appalachian gorge. In the time of their grandparents, animals could travel freely on either side of a fast-flowing river, but now the dangerous Human Highway divides their home range into the North and South sides. On the night of a full moon, two strangers arrive from the South with news that will lead to tough decisions, a life-changing adventure, and new friends joining in a search for safe passage.

Softcover, 110 pages, color photos and artwork, 5.5 x 8.5″