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How to press and dry plants

What child has never made a leaf collection?  Children (of all ages!) love to pick up and save perfectly formed specimens of colorful fall leaves.  It’s fun to collect many types of plants and plant parts, from wildflowers to fern fronds.  You might wish to press leaves and flowers to make decorative items such as

Stereoscopes vs. Microscopes

We are often asked to distinguish between a stereoscope vs. a microscope. What is the difference between a stereoscope and a microscope? A stereoscope is a binocular microscope (also known as a "dissecting microscope") that magnifies at a relatively low power for viewing three-dimensional, opaque objects, such as flowers, insects, mineral specimens, fossils, coins, or

How to Use a Hand Lens Magnifier

It takes a little practice to learn how to use a hand lens magnifier. Usually when folks come in the store and want to look at magnifiers, they begin looking at them by holding the instrument out at arm's length.  Actually you get the best view of the subject by holding the lens as close