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Have you heard those deafening, bell-like sounds coming from a pond or wetland in the spring? Even tried to find the creatures making them and come up blank, wondering how something with such a BIG sound could remain unseen?

Have you seen a frog called a spring peeper that is so small it can sit on the end of your finger or picked out a gray tree frog despite its perfect camouflage? Can you identify their calls? Do you know how they makes their song, where they spend most of their time or how they survive the winter? (Hint: They don’t fly south!) Did you know not all frogs say “ribbit, ribbit,” or that even toads begin their lives in the water? Do you know how a toad differs from a frog?

Maybe you’ve visited a pond or wetland and noticed clear, jelly-like masses in the water filled with black dots. Ever wonder about those? Maybe you’ve guessed they are eggs…How long before they hatch? What do these eggs feel like? Do the adults care for them? Does anyone eat them?
Join naturalist/photographer, Sharon Mammoser, as these and MANY more questions will be answered in a fun,  interactive program that will engage your sense of sight, touch and hearing. You are certain to go home with a new appreciation for our frog, toad and salamanders neighbors.

There is a $5 charge for this program, payable at the event. Please preregister, either by phone (828-274-5430), email (info@compleatnaturalist.com), or on our Meetup.com page.  

THIS PROGRAM IS NOW FULL. If you wish to be placed on the waiting list, please do so on our Meetup page, or email or call us.

To learn more about Sharon, check out her website at NatureForMySoul.com 

Sharon with camera



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